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php-mysqlnd - A module for PHP applications that use MySQL databases

Remi Collet
The php-mysqlnd package contains a dynamic shared object that will add
MySQL database support to PHP. MySQL is an object-relational database
management system. PHP is an HTML-embeddable scripting language. If
you need MySQL support for PHP applications, you will need to install
this package and the php package.

This package use the MySQL Native Driver


php-mysqlnd-5.6.40-5.el6.remi.i686 [272 KiB] Changelog by Remi Collet (2019-03-12):
- phar:
  Fix #77396 Null Pointer Dereference in phar_create_or_parse_filename
  Fix #77586 - phar_tar_writeheaders_int() buffer overflow
- spl:
  Fix #77431 openFile() silently truncates after a null byte
- security fix synced with
php-mysqlnd-5.6.40-4.el6.remi.i686 [272 KiB] Changelog by Remi Collet (2019-03-05):
- Fix #77630 rename() across the device may allow unwanted access
  during processing